Why I am blogging

I, Carl A. Batlin, am the author of BATLINBLOG  and in it, I have composed a series of working papers which formalize some of my thoughts on a wide variety of topics in the form of communications from one person, the narrator, to another person, the reader, about a third entity, the subject.  In some of these communications, the subject is abstract, so the paper is nonfiction, and the communication takes the form of an essay.  Some of these essays concern topics of current interest, while others are of a more general, philosophical nature.

In other cases the subject is another person, so that the paper is fiction, and the communication takes the form of a short story;  In one type of these, the direct or first person short story, the narrator and the person of interest are one and the same, so that the reader can eavesdrop as the subject tells his or her own story.  In the other type of fiction, the indirect or third person short story, the reader learns about the subject of interest through the voice of another person, the narrator.

I have occasionally made reference to musical accompaniments, identifying specific compositions by their names and composers or performers.  Because of the non-auditory limitation of the written word, I can do no better to recreate the mood of these songs than to reproduce their lyrics.  To obtain their full impact, however, readers are encouraged to listen to the accompanying melodies by accessing them through such recording devices as compact disks.

For the interested reader, I have also written a novel based on my experiences in the world of banking and derivative securities entitled In My Mind’s Eye.  It’s available in the paperback version by ordering it directly from Amazon.  Alternatively, you can obtain the  Kindle version by clicking here.  

My work attempts to create both a material and spiritual legacy for the reader.  I hope you enjoy these posts and welcome your feedback.