Why I am blogging

I have formalized some of my thoughts on a wide variety of topics here.  Some take the form of essays on issues of current interest, as well as other essays on more general subjects containing a longer “shelf life”.  In addition, I have included two types of fictional pieces.  In one, the direct short story, the narrator and the person of interest are one and the same, so that the reader “listens in” as  the subject tells his or her own story.  In the other, the indirect short story, the reader learns about the main subject by way of the voice of a separate, interested third party.

In preparing this material, I would like to express my gratitude to the following individuals for their perceptive comments and suggested improvements to earlier draft versions:  Susan Hinko, Cathy Hinko, Martin Weinstein, Cheryline Lewis, Robert Hedges, and Frances Kleinman.

I have also written a novel based on my experiences in the world of banking and derivatives, In My Mind’s Eye. It’s available from Amazon here

In my writings, I examine how to leave behind a spiritual and material legacy.  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

I hope you enjoy my posts, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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